Vladivostok is the largest city in the Far East, but it seems that it is not well known that it is a little-known casino spot here in Vladivostok. Although Vladivostok is very small compared to the population of Asian countries, the mbigaming population has continued to flow out of Vladivostok since the collapse of the Soviet Union, but it is said that it has continued to increase in recent years.

Russian casino

Russia restricted casino gaming to four zones under federal law in 2007 and banned it elsewhere in 2009.

Currently, four plans are underway in the Primory Entertainment Zone, with a total investment commitment of $ 2.2 billion for the TIGRE DE CRISTAL, Seaside Resort, Phoenix Resort, Casino Primorye and Selena World Resort projects, which opened in October 2015. I have. Research agency Primory Entertainment Zone’s casino market (Gross Gaming Revenue) estimates that it will initially be $ 1.2 billion and 10 years later it will be $ 5.2 billion. We expect Chinese customers to account for more than half.

The Mariinsky Theater annex and the State Hermitage Museum annex will be built in the city. It boasted that it would provide Russia’s finest art to Asian tourists.

In addition, as a further visa mitigation measure, Vladivostok will introduce a system that allows you to obtain a stay visa for 8 days when you enter the country from the Far East region of Russia if you apply in advance on the Internet from the summer of 2016.

In Asia, Singapore, Macau, South Korea, and the Russian Far East will use integrated resorts (IR), including casinos, to compete for international tourism.

Primory Entertainment Zone

The Primory Entertainment Zone is one of four zones and its potential is overwhelming. Significant impact on the economic power of East Asia centered on northeastern China The Primory Entertainment Zone has a total area of ​​619ha, of which 263ha will be used for development for the time being, with plans to integrate eight IR projects in the future. It seems that it is. It aims to be completed in 2022 as a global entertainment city including mbigaming download entertainment, casinos, hotels, villas, yacht clubs and other tourist attractions.

Benefits of Primory Entertainment Zone

The strengths of the Primory Entertainment Zone are as follows.

  • As a location, it is considered advantageous that the flight time from northeastern China, Japan and South Korea is two and a half hours, which is closer than the four hours to Macau.
  • With the direction of Vladivostok being established as a free port, it is expected that economic exchanges with foreign countries will be activated by easing visas and giving tax incentives to companies entering the market.
  • Expected to secure profits at the government’s willingness to set casino taxation at competitive levels.

Disadvantages of Primory Entertainment Zone

As a disadvantage, the policy of the Chinese government becomes a risk (the Chinese government does not want its citizens to use casinos in other countries. It is highly possible that measures will be taken to curb visits from the northeastern part to the Primory Entertainment Zone).

Attracting customers from Asia

But the reality is that there are vibrant Asians in the neighborhood. Tourism is likely to be the first move. When it comes to tourism, China and South Korea are already making huge investments in Vladivostok and Primorsky Krai in areas such as hotels and golf courses. There is a high interest in resorts and leisure, and there is a casino in Vladivostok (strictly in Arthom), which is also of interest to the Chinese as a casino closer to Macau.

It is highly expected that what kind of positive changes will be seen as good when a huge wave of Asian population rushes to Russia. Speaking of Vladivostok casino, Artem is famous near the airport. It is expected that the environment of Vladivostok in the future will change drastically with the opening of seven more casinos. There is no clothing requirement at the casino, but a passport is required.

At the casino entrance counter, the staff will also take a photo by filling out a paperwork to create a member card. After that, you will be given a card with your name on it. Please note that the security door at the entrance of the casino will not open without this card. Of course I couldn’t take a picture because there are a lot of security staff inside.

Many hotels in Vladivostok have casinos and some places offer free alcohol. The new casino here offers free mineral water and coffee. The main customers are like Chinese tourists.

According to hotel officials, we would like to make great efforts to attract Japanese tourists in the future. It seems that it is difficult to make a reservation for the laid hotel, but if you make a reservation one month in advance, the transfer between the airport and the hotel will be free of charge. It takes about 50 minutes by car to get to this casino from Vladivostok city, although it is a little remote. In the future, access to the casino will be convenient, and the future IR business of Vladivostok will be envied worldwide.

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